Working out has always been a huge part of my life. After years of excessive cardio and neglecting strength training, I began working with Justin because I knew it was time for a change. After the first workout, I was hooked. The workouts are designed with purpose, effectiveness and functional movement in mind. I’m stronger and more confident than ever. I look forward to each workout knowing that it’s going to be a challenge. Coaches Frankie and Justin are excellent motivators and know when I need an extra push and what I’m capable of. There is no need to look any further than Rebel Fitness!
Gab Gannon
The atmosphere at Rebel always kicks my workout up a notch and each week I feel stronger than the week before. I find myself able to lift heavier weights, do a few more burpees, and hold a plank for longer than I ever thought I was capable of doing. I always used to think of excuses not to workout… And Rebel can’t make me think of one anymore!
Alex Sacco
I am finally in a work out routine that I love. Justin and Frankie have taught me more about fitness than I could’ve ever imagined. They have a unique balance of knowledge, expertise, and great personalities, so each member feels comfortable and confident no matter what their abilities are. They constantly push me to achieve goals that I would’ve never accomplished on my own. I’ve never felt stronger, healthier, or more energized. Never before have I gone to the gym after a long work day feeling excited to workout… Thank you Rebel Fitness!!”
Emily Merrigan
Justin changed all of that. Ill never forget the first time I trained with him. By the end of the workout I couldn’t decide if I hated him for his relentless yelling “another one!” “Don’t stop!” “Lauren, just shut up and do it!” ..or if it was exactly what I needed. Three days later when I could finally walk again, I showed up to class handing him my credit card. Four years later here I am watching him carry out his dream of owning his own gym- doing push-up claps and pressing more weight over my head than I ever could’ve imagined. He’s not just your coach, he becomes your friend. One that will help you when you’re moving into a new house, or one that will write up a completely personalized workout for you when you rupture your Achilles. His playful personality keeps you from killing him during the workout, but when you’re done you couldn’t be more thankful to have a coach like him by your side.

Rebel Fitness…sounds intimidating right? Talk about a judgement free zone. People of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds fill this place and have given a true meaning to the phrase “fitfam.” The blood, sweat and tears (and by tears I mean from nonstop laughter) shared between the coaches and clients here has built a comradery unlike anything I’ve ever been apart of. The encouraging high fives are endless. The only competition you’ll feel here is the finisher on a Saturday morning so the winning group won’t have to clean up the land mine looking mess of dumbbells and kettle bells left from a kick-ass class filled with about 30 rebels. The workouts are designed for all athletic abilities with modifications for any exercise, but don’t get me wrong no matter who you are- they’ll leave you lying on the floor gasping for air. They push you farther than you ever thought you could go, making you stronger than you ever thought you’d be both physically and mentally. You get what you give here, and that’s what makes us #100percentrebels.
Lauren Hayes, Bristol

It had been five years since I had last worked out. I had two kids, let myself go and then injured my ankle; doctors said that I probably would not be able to do an impact workout again. To make matters worse, I’d have to wear sneakers all the time to support my ankle.

After months of feeling frustrated, a friend encouraged me to join her for one of her “intense” workouts and said that the coach would be able to help me. I was skeptical but I decided to try it out—at that point I had nothing to lose (aside from a ton a weight). From the first day that I met Justin three years ago, he has proven himself to be nothing but a dedicated and determined coach. He saw my physical issues as challenges for him to better and never gave up until he found a way to modify each workout so that I could participate in the class, while strengthening my body and building my confidence. He’s no nonsense, he doesn’t coddle, he insists that you reach your personal goals and surpass them. And he will challenge you to figure out why you are standing in your own way of self-improvement. I say it all the time but Justin is the consummate coach, he knows his stuff, and loves what he does. In three years, I’ve reached my weight loss goals and feel like a new person. Although I had to do the work, Justin gave me my freedom back to get in the game by rehabilitating my ankle and subsequent back injuries. I am forever indebted!!!
Laura Boyer, West Hartford
Justin has managed to create a community type atmosphere, which is evident as soon as one enters the facility and is greeted by him and his staff. He stays available and approachable to every client throughout the workout as well as after, creating a personal relationship with each client while at the same time not excluding anyone.

The environment is great but it is the workout regimen and energy that keeps you coming back each day. Justin’s knowledge is matched only by his passion for coaching. This passion cascades down to the members and is seen through everyone’s work ethic and dedication each and every workout. Once the workout begins, everyone knows that for the next hour or so, they will be pushed to their limits both physically and mentally. No matter the age, skill set, or personality, Justin is able to cater the workout and motivate every person to get the most out of each session that they can. Leaving a workout each day you will feel many things (sore, exhausted, sense of accomplishment, etc), however cheated will never be one of those feelings.

I was lucky enough to begin working out at Rebel the day it opened, and under the coaching of Justin I have seen drastic results in just a few short months. I look forward each day to putting in work there and am confident I will continue to achieve the results and goals that we are working together to accomplish. I am proud to call myself a Rebel and call Justin a friend.
James Reilly, West Hartford

I wanted circuit training that had variety…. not just a workout that I would walk in and do myself – without any coaching.

Justin and his team understand how to push you! You will never plateau.

Rebel isn’t a social gathering… it is clear that all of he clients there are there to get after it!!
Lou Deloreto, West Hartford

When I came back, I knew I needed a gym with staff who would continuously push and encourage me, so that I could get the beach body I desired. Justin and the rest of the Rebel staff did just that and more. The coaches never allowed me to slack off and always kept my spirits high. Within weeks I started to see my body change, thanks to the challenging work outs and nutrition advice. Seeing the results in my mirror made it obvious that all of those days of waking up early and being sore, were worth it.

Of course I love seeing the results, but what makes me want to go back every day is the environment of Rebel. Every time you walk in Justin and his staff are there to great you with smiles on their faces. Their enthusiasm for what they do is contagious and motivates the entire room. Throughout the work out, not only are the coaches encouraging you, but so are your peers. Just as you think you want to quit someone is there reminding you to push yourself. This makes going not only rewarding but fun.

I have not only met but rather exceeded my goals since joining Rebel, and have made many new friends while doing so. I look forward to taking back to school many of the new exercises I have learned and coming back to Rebel during my school vacations!
Kristen Reilly , West Hartford

That was until I started at Rebel Fitness 3 months ago. After my first week I was sore in muscles that I never new existed and couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit and the way I looked in the mirror.

Justin and his team know how to put a program together that is fun, quick, and delivers the results that I was looking for. The fact that I could get these results from a 45 minute class was perfect for me, I used to spend 2 hours at the gym and didn’t come even close to the shape I am in now. I love the way that the workouts are not repetitive or boring. The constant change up of workouts/muscle groups has me as sore today as I was on day 1, which is a good thing in my book! I highly recommend Rebel Fitness to anyone, its great for those just starting out on their fitness journey as well as the seasoned athlete looking for something new to step up their game to the next level.
Dan Fox, West Hartford

The coaches push you to work hard and motivate you to achieve your best at each session. The workouts have made me stronger and I am the strongest and most confident I have ever been!
Diane Bryand, West Hartford
I couldn’t be happier with the results I achieved over this time period. I was pushed to limits I never thought possible and saw results almost immediately. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I always worked out in other commercial gyms and was not seeing any results, and the move was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Justin and the staff at Rebel Fitness push you to your limit every single class and they design different workouts each day to maximize results. They are small classes and you get individualized attention and learn about proper form and how to make the most out of each workout. I highly recommend joining Rebel Fitness-you will not be sorry!
Ali Lacroix, Southington
Justin and his training staff take the time to vary the routines to concentrate on multiple parts of the body. Justin’s extensive background in fitness has helped me become a stronger person mentally and physically because I now have the knowledge and desire to focus on health and fitness. Most importantly, I feel welcome at Rebel Fitness. Without this genuine feeling and support, working out would simply be a “workout” and not an enjoyable and motivating experience.
Chris Fox, West Hartford
I would never workout so hard on my own. The trainers insist on perfect form, helping to prevent injury. The other Rebel members are supportive & motivating…. We make up the Rebel family. I urge others to try just one workout- the addiction takes hold immediately.
Heather Shaw, Middletown
At Rebel-Fitness, I’ve found the perfect balance of strength, conditioning and flexibility training in a welcoming and encouraging environment. I wish this type of training had been around a long time ago. Work-outs are intense, comprehensive and full body. I work smarter and harder than I’ve ever worked. I’ve dropped ten pounds in 60 days and my flexibility has improved tremendously. At 55, I’m in the best shape of my life. Justin and his Team are patient teachers and offer the perfect balance of encouragement and challenge.

It’s taken a long time, but I’ve found the perfect work-out and I’m hooked!
Michael Toppi, Glastonbury, CT

I had taken some time off due to moving and when I started back up with Justin, I was so out of shape. I couldn’t get through my first workout. I can’t believe how far I have some in such a short period of time. Justin and his team push me to work out harder and push myself to do things I didn’t think I could do. I even got my husband to start working out again. He and I look forward to going to the gym on a daily basis and getting our butt’s kicked! Thank you Justin and crew!!!
Sydney Dickinson, Haddam
I’ve belonged to many gyms over the years and have never achieved results as I have with his training style. I’m thankful that I got past my fear and walked in that day as it changed my life in so many ways.
Forever grateful for investing in my health and happiness.
Carol Anne, Newington
With his unique combination of both strength and metabolic conditioning you have no excuse not to achieve your own personal goals. Rebel Fitness not only gives you the opportunity to push your own physical limits but allows you to join a group of like minded individuals who are 100% dedicated to the program. EAT, SLEEP, TRAIN Rebel!
Justin Bryand, West Hartford